Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fun Monday

Ari_1965 from Beyond My Slab, wants to know: Tell us about your all-time worst Neighbors from Hell.

I really haven't had any Neighbors that would be voted into the "Neighbors from Hell Hall of Fame", but I've had, some bad neighbors.

The first I can remember was in the early years of our marriage, around 1966. We were living in a duplex, kind of a duplex court. We were the only residents there that couldn't be called "Redneck", this is in Southern California, and we ended up renting in "Redneck Central", amazing. For the most part these neighbors were fine, but their true colors came out the day I had a fender-bender in our Corvette. These neighbors literally poured out of their apartments to see the damage, plus they wanted to know, "What's you husband going to do to you for wrecking the car?!!". I really didn't understand the question - it was incomprehensible that Bob would do anything to me. They actually hung out outside to see the fireworks. They were really disappointed when Bob got home from work, looked at the car and just asked me if I was alright.
Years later, after we had been homeowners for about 15 years, the woman next door complained about everything. She was the 2nd wife, after the death of the saintly 1st wife. What a change. Once she even tried to bribe our gardener to remove or kill our trees in the backyard, so the wind wouldn't blow flowers and leaves into her yard.

Now, we have a neighbor that if I were rich, I would buy her house, just to get rid of her. I'd make her an offer she couldn't pass up, and she'd be out of my life. Alas, I'm not rich, so I put up with her. With her it's my dogs, for some reason she hates them. Always complaining about them, etc. Now, here's the thing, she has a dog, but she just hates mine. Complain, complain, complain. The woman is phobic about many things, but really I've had a hard time understanding why she dislikes these particular dogs so much. When she first moved next door, we had different dogs, she didn't mind them. After those dogs went to doggie heaven, we rescued these two, and she hates them. Maybe I'll win the Lottery and buy her house. Keep your fingers crossed.

These are the dogs she hates!
Dudley and Lizzie

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