Sunday, November 30, 2008

Black Friday Books

December 1, marks one year of blogging for me, so I decided to give away some books. I know, you're surprised. If any of these books "floats your boat", just tell me which one(s) in a comment. I don't mind if one person wants all of them, just tell me which one(s) you want to be entered for, and I'll do a drawing. I'll post the winners on the 1st. Please do not leave a comment if I won't be able to contact you. Thanks.


The Historian, Elizabeth Kostova, autographed

Mudbound, Hillary Jordan, wonderful complex debut novel

Dancing in the Lowcountry, James Villas


When Wanderers Cease to Roam, Vivian Swift

Marley and Me, John Grogan

We Bought a Zoo, Benjamin Mee


Winter, Williams-Sonoma Cookbook, by Joanne Weir


Why Birds Sing, by David Rothenberg


Lonely Planet BlueList 2008, travel guide

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