Tuesday, January 13, 2009

And Another Thing

Carrie had this to say about my invitation to the inauguration:  

:o) after we talked yesterday I had a dream last night that you had changed your mind, and were going, with a friend, and staying at their house, and you didn't tell me about it, but now I can't remember how I found out, and then I woke up. By the way - my dreams suck.

The funny thing is, one of the kids at work, told me Sunday, that he has a friend I could stay with in DC.  Very generous don't you think.  I just can't imagine sharing space with a male college student.  No, I can't.

Also, after my interview with Daryl, she had one more question.  She wanted to know why Carrie is my favorite daughter.  Daryl understood clearly, when I told her I have two fabulous daughters and Carrie is my Favorite Oldest Daughter, and Sharon, who was born two years later, is my Favorite Youngest Daughter.

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