Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fun Monday

Fun Monday - Show and Tell

What is the quirkiest thing in your home that you will never give away?

This was my assignment for everyone today. I hope everyone had a much easier time of it than I did. I had a hard time coming up with anything quirky that I wouldn't give away. I know, I know, I should have thought of that first.

So, here are the two things I won't give away.

This is a surfers' hat. It has a very broad brim to keep surfers from sunburn and skin damage. Are you scratching your head, wondering why I won't part with it? Well, I gave this to my Dad about 20 years ago. I gave it to him because he had a small melanoma on his face, and I wanted to protect him. It's the only thing I have of his. He passed in 2002. Normally, it hangs in our bedroom, like below.

Here's another head scratcher for you; a crystal cake plate. I bet my daughters don't even know I have this. It's special because Bob bought it for me about 35 years ago. He remembered how I always admired my Aunt Cora's collection of crystal cake plates. She had all kinds of beautiful crystal, and several cake plates. I would have never bought this for myself; I don't even make layer cakes very often. But because Bob bought it, when we didn't have much money, makes it very special to me. Below is another photo, I put some gigantic muffins in it so you could see how wonderful it is.
Here's the list of everyone that signed up to play today:

2. Jan

6. Jo

12. faye

13. Molly

16. WT

17. Sandy

19. Grace

23. iPost

24. Jill

25. min

28. Julie (Our hostess, or tormentor, next week)

29  Lynn posted on Tuesday

30.  Vanderbilt Wife posted on Tuesday

If you're name isn't here, leave a comment. 

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