Thursday, January 8, 2009

Do you Etsy?

Well, I do.  It's been cold here, so today I bought a hat, well, two, it was hard to choose.  Here they are:

1. Women's Knitted Hat by bethheroux
2. Rose Boucle Hand-Knit Hat by SimplyDaisy

I also considered these, I told you it was hard to choose:

1. Charcoal Gray Cashmere Hat Nanny Cloche by BlueMoonRose
2. I'm a Rainbow Too by capturedimagination
3. Cream Cotton Lace Beanie by GriffithGardens
4. Cutesy Button Hat by audmae
5. Way cool striped toquish hat by MadAboutColour
6. Handknit Colinette wool hat by tablefor2please

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