Saturday, January 3, 2009


These last two days, "LIFE", got in my way.

This is what I
planned to do yesterday:

  6:30 AM - Bob had an appointment for an upper endoscopy, he required a chauffeur, me.
  9:30 AM - Bring Bob home, get him settled and fed.
11:00 AM - Drive to Pasadena to see the Rose Parade floats, take lots of photos.
  4:00 PM - Return home, grab a bite to eat, settle in with a book for the evening.

This is what
actually happened:

  5:00 AM - Go out to get the newspaper, bend down, feel Back screaming in pain.  Hobble in, eat breakfast, Back out of place, still screaming.  Shower, Back screaming.
  6:30 AM - Bob drives us to his appointment.
  9:30 AM - I drive us home, Bob doesn't want to eat, still feeling sedated, goes to bed.  I crawl into bed, on top of heating pad, sleep for two hours.  Then do rolling exercise to coax my Back back into alignment. (All the chiropactors in town have taken the day off.  It's not a holiday, it's 1/2/09, but not one of them are open.)
11:30 AM - Fix Bob French Toast, he's more awake; but goes back to bed.  I continue to  rest, and periodically do exercises for my Back.
  4:00 PM - Back finally pops back in place, now it's just sore, instead of screaming in pain.  Find someone to work my shift on Saturday (today), at Barnes & Noble.  I want to give back at least one more day of rest.  Grab a bite to eat,  settle in with a book for the evening.

So, today, I'm resting again.  Back is sore but no longer out of place.

For our entertainment today, I give you Denmark, Kangaroo, Orange printed in yesterday's Writer's Almanac.

Denmark, Kangaroo, Orange

by Kevin Griffith

Pick a number from one to ten. Okay, now multiply that number
by nine. You will have a two-digit number. Add those two digits.
Now subtract five from that number. Take that number and find
its corresponding letter in the alphabet (1=A, 2=B, etc.). Now
think of a country that begins with that letter. Now name an
animal that begins with the last letter of the country. Finally, name
a fruit that begins with the last letter of that animal.

Try it.

By the way, I've lived in Southern California my entire life and have never been to the Rose Parade, but have always wanted to see the floats.  Maybe, next year!

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