Friday, January 2, 2009


One of the benefits of my work at Barnes and Noble, is getting to meet authors. Last year I met Julie Buxbaum the author of "The Opposite of Love".

She was a charming, and intelligent young woman and we had a great time chatting, courtesy of Random House. She was on a book tour and I was one of the lucky ones, chosen to have lunch with her. I'm telling you this because when I was at work on New Years Eve, I got mail, at work! A Christmas card from Julie! I was surprised, but I'll also tell you, most authors are nice people. My experiences so far have been all positive.

I mentioned recently that I'm going to the BEA in May. Last year it was held in L.A., I found James Patterson, sitting in the lobby, signing books for anyone who'd make a donation to First Book. He just showed up to sign books for charity.

He even let you chose which book he signed and gave it to you for free. I'm just saying, whether they're well established or just starting out authors are nice.

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