Friday, January 2, 2009

Man living in attic

Did you read or hear on the news about a man living in an attic in PA?   He was staying with a friend and just disappeared.  Well, not really, he move next door, without permission.  He helped himself to money, a laptop, cash, clothing and food when the residents weren't home. The man was wanted in AR! 

We were talking about this at work, so I Googled it and found the same thing has happened before.  In addtion to the December, '08 instace, it happened in Kansas City, 10/03; in Houston, 10/07.

The most amazing one I found on Google took place in West Bromwich, U.K., 6/08.  A family had just moved into a new home; when the father inspected the attic he found 12 illegal immigrants living in the roof.  He made a quick exit and called the police.  The 12, including men, women, children and an infant were gone when the police arrived.

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