Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Photographic Dictionary


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This is from Photojojo:

Has inspiration walked out on you? Is your gray matter a bit toogray these days? Maybe you need a kick in the creative behindus.

The Photographic Dictionary pairs photos with definitions of words, but this isn’t your bog standard A-is-for-Apple dictionary.

Abstract ideas like ascentvacuous and curiosity are our favorites, but even prosaic nouns like office and bridge make you think in a different way.

Whether you’ve got writer’s block or photographer’s ennui or the systemic aesthetic doldrums, the Photographic Dictionary is good for what ails you.

The Photographic Dictionary
via Craft

Above is the photo found under D - disarray, next is L - laundry.

M- motel, T - tits

There really aren't that many entries, but the ones there are, are facinating.


Daryl said...

Ah Blogger always something .. when I clicked the link here from my blogroll I arrive at the latest post .. however in order to leave a comment I had to go to your 'home' link ..

Just to say I love the idea of this photographic dictionary! I bet we could do this ourselves with our own pix

Louise said...

I love this! The words and pictures they used are great. I think it would be fun for people (including me) to categorize photos that way.

lisaschaos said...

Wow this is pretty cool!

Jientje said...

The pictures are great too!

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